Why?1 min read

Happy and beautiful she was,
But the terrible cause
Made her pathetic and sad
Wasn’t that bad?

Why in shame was she embraced?
Why by people was she disgraced?
Was being a woman her fault?
What was the cause of her freedom’s halt?

With tears she pleaded,
With pain she bleeded.
The echo haunted her to bed,
His grimy face wouldn’t get out of her head.
No one could understand her trauma,
And they say she was the one, who attracted this drama.

Why was she suffering this way?
Why did she let him run away?

Was she silent to keep them at a low?
Did anyone care to know?

It’s all about power,
The dirt is made to scour.
Why in our country are so many ills?
Such everyday incidents bring me chills.

It’s not her dress, it’s his mind.
It’s her emancipation, not his to decide.
It’s not her mistake, others turned blind.
It’s her hapless, he was pied.

People need to change their mentality
For this, will be their first step towards humanity.

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