Who am I1 min read

Who am I? 

Am I the element air, 

Rustling through the meadow, 

Breezing through the sea, 

Rushing through the forest, 

Or flowing by the City, 

Who am I? 

Am I the element fire, 

Burning through the city

Or the firey eyes full of passion, 

maybe a blazing sky, 

Or maybe the flame licking your cigarette, 

With hues of orange and blue. 

Who am I? 

Am I the element of earth? 

Giving birth to nature’s beauty, 

An essence of all the living, 

The trees it’s branches, 

Or the beautiful beasts playing in the forest, 

Or maybe the wet soil, 

An aroma unforgettable. 

Who am I? 

Am I the element water? 

Deep as the ocean blue, 

Giving life to the marine, 

Deep as the ocean or shallow as a pool, 

Giving birth and quenching thirst, 

Of travelers beaten by the harsh sun of the desert. 

Who am I? 

I am who I am, 

I am the beauty of the nature, 

Rustle of the graceful wind, 

Passion of the fire, 

Deep as the ocean. 

I am the darkness of the night, 

The twinkling of the the stars, 

Shining of the moon, 

Heat of the sun,

The rings of Saturn, 

Or the comet bright. 

I am the demons hiding in the depths of hell, 

I am the angels in heaven’s clouds, 

I am the energy of the atoms, 

I am the hunger of the poor,

The despair of the broken, 

The hatered of the currupt, 

The love of a lover. 

Who am I? 

I am…

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