When you go through the light1 min read

When you go through the light,

That makes it all so bright.

Then you prickle over the thought,

The fear of all goes to hault.

Live it the way you want.



Giving it a chance,

lets go in the trance.

Grooving not grieving,

Choosing not chasing.

You can’t stop gazing,

You can’t stop praising.

It is emancipating.


The starry nights,

The beautiful sights,

The flowery blooms,

The giant grooves.

Don’t stay aloof,

You got to be making a troop,

Fighting the battle at ordinary rules.


The chains of disdain,

The clamps causing pain.

Casting out in similar frames,

Producing a herd of regular homosapiens.


This has to change,

Liberating the minds to find their game.

Just give it a chance to make the change.



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