To the unsung heroes1 min read

To the unsung heroes,

Of mankind,

Guarding the world,

With a shield of altruistic love,

As a testimony to men,

Who have forgotten,

The cost of the very breaths they inhale,

This letter is for you .


I heard your story,

From a perturbed wife,

Imploring for nothing,

More than than the safety of your life.

As she waves her pride,

With a shuddering heart,

Clenching her hands,

While you get ready to depart.


I saw your battle,

In the profound apprehensions,

Confined beneath a mother’s eyes,

Tainted with dread,

Refusing to say her goodbyes.

Craving just a glimpse of your presence,

In each shudder of the door,

Unable to distance herself from you anymore.


I apprehended your devotion,

In the gloomy silence,

Of a young crackled heart,

Bleeding solitary tears,

Infused with a myriad fears,

As he watches you leave,

To battle in the ground of suffering,

Oblivious of his oozing grief.


I perceived your virtue,

Of tenacity and will,

Gleaming intently,

In the tricolor hues,

Swaddling within our hearts,

As a reminder of the unity,

We all cherish and impart.


To the unsung heroes,

Heedless to their own agony,

Yet imparting the elixir of life,

To the millions suffering,

During this crisis,

We are ineffably beholden,

To every one of your sacrifices.


To the unsung heroes,

Of mankind,

This is not a love letter,

But a letter of love,

To admire your courage,

Honour your nobility,

Celebrate your triumph.

Acclaim your purity.

This is a prayer of appreciation and regard,

I say to you,

And to the families,

Relinquishing their safety,

In this period of distress,

For the mere breaths ,

We all possess,

This is a hug of gratitude,

To the soldiers of humanity,

Valorous and bold,

Applauded and extolled.

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