The war1 min read

Me and you, let’s start a war

With Thousands of men on both of our sides, 

Some pedestrians, some will do the horse rides, 

Butchering all in existence, nowhere the humanity resides, 

Should someone be left to be mankind’s guide? 

Let’s take this a little far

Me and you, let’s start a war


Beautify the battlefield, with gliding legs and hands

Red would be the perfect colour for the river and sand

No grass, no mosses, no ferns, deads will cover the land

Destroying whatever is visible, are you sure there is no rand? 

Should we go a little more far

Me and you, let’s start a war


Is everything ruined? Oh wait there is a tree of Sal

Pull down the bird’s nest, it’s just us who are left pal

Burn it all down, the sky, the earth, the mountain, no mercy at all

But wait nature is their mother, are you sure they won’t call? 

I think this time we got a little too far

Me and you let’s start a war


What are her weapons with which she would chide? 

She will give us no drops or will drown us in high tides

Our lavish buildings will turn into dust, you must have heard about the landslide

She will execute us equally, she knows no divide

Are you ready to go this far? 

What do you say, should we start a war? 



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