The night of all the endings1 min read

The night of all the endings

The letting it out of all that was pending

His fault was to lie and cheat

My fault to throw hands in all the heat

Two people died that night

One that loved with all her might

One that cheated and lied

And that’s what the teardrop tattoo signifies


Two people to never be the same again

Two people to never allow themselves to feel the same love or pain

I do not know whether he loved what he lost

I do know that a love was lost

The loss of friendship and something more

Just because there was no name to us

He says he is justified in his infidelities galore

Living that nightmare all over again

Brings back the worst of pain

But I have to accept that while things do change

Some people never do

And that he was never mine to lose

That he was unworthy of being my muse

A brazen justification of his promiscuity

His blatant disregard for my identity

I am grateful for his promiscuity that freed me

Makes me realise that there exists someone Supreme

That One Being that just took care of me

And while two people died that night

That I am somehow still alive

Maybe I was a phoenix in the midst of a rebirth

Rising from the ashes of grief and endless hurt

Only to soar and finally know my worth

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