The lover of Snow White1 min read

For she was laying there cold and lifeless

On that bed of ice where hope was nowhere to be found

Staring at her body concealed in the sheets of ice

I wanted to die and be a part of it

For she is the only one who taught me to love

As my face touched upon those ice blocks did it notice her charm

For my beauty is now in a casket wearing the gown and reciting the tale of a bride

She is no longer called by her name 

Alas! Now she is just a body, who’s soul the Prince of the Underworld took away from me

For I hate you, Angel of Death for this is injustice done unto me

Taking away my beloved even before I confessed my love for her

You made her drink the poison of death and dragged away her spirit

But alas! I know she will come to life as I kiss on her casket 

‘Cause miracles do happen as in fairytales 

For I’m the Prince of the heavens whose fire will melt all this ice and she, my beloved will come out of it in the most majestic way

And as they stared, the feat took place

For love has won as it wins every other tale it knits on the pages of destiny

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