The life of a Woman2 min read

A girl child is born, 

And a women blamed,

How could  the birth of a  girl,

Bring the family,the required fame.

Daughters bring along responsibility 

They say, as it is the custom of the society!


She is trained and brought up to meet the expectations of the worldly satire,

Never being asked about what she actually desire,

Her tone of voice and her attire,

Her sitting posture and the rate on which she respire,

Vulnerable to judgements and comments, her self confidence gradually expires.


This is not the way, a girl behaves,

These aren’t the things, a girl craves,

The colour of your skin and the size of your waist,

Are the qualities you need to embrace.

A girl grows, hearing all these statements of haste,

In the midst of these rules  of conduct, as a bird in disguise, she now exists.


She grew then into a lady,

So beautiful and radiating energy,

Still fragile to the words of the society, 

Even the slightest of negativity,could damage her mental and emotional stability, 

Meeting the expectations of the society,

Is what she realised is important,upon maturity.



The lady now aged into a women,

She was the one holding responsibility then,

Being a responsible mother and loving wife to her husband,

A homemaker she became.

Even after all the time,energy and efforts she put in,

She rarely received a response, that could be satisfying,

For herself, she now stopped dreaming.


Not just the household duty,

But they carry out every task assign to them with great care and beauty,

The way they take up everything with utmost responsibility,

Makes the task successful and brings pride to the entire fraternity.


A girl, a lady,a women,

This is how life has moved on for them. 

Technology improved and the times have changed,

But there are still folks where this way a woman’s life is led.

Female foeticide still exist,

So do the dowry deaths.

Honour killing is on a troll,

Rapes as common as those pot holes.

And we say- now-a-days,

Men and women walk shoulder in shoulder,

And we all  are equal!


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