The Last of Us1 min read

An entire generation,
Of depressed beings and lost souls
Uncertainty looming overhead
Hopeless about future goals.
What went wrong?

A generation most talked about,
Now silent with heads screaming loud.
Romanticizing sadness and chasing love
Lonely and apathetic, all of us.
What happened to us? Why are we sad?
Why aren’t we optimistic anymore,
Like our moms and dads.

With the World on the brink of collapse
Everything feels meaningless and vain
Like finding jobs and getting good grades.
We are giving up and losing hope,
Drinking alcohol and smoking dope,
To numb the pain and distract our heads.
A generation of overthinkers,
Spending sleepless nights in their beds.
Anxious and alone minds,
Waiting for it all to end.

But if this is the last of us,
last of me and last of you
Would it matter
if you break a few rules?
Enjoy each moment, the colors
The laughs and kisses.
Breathless be your lungs,
You feel so alive.
Smile in the face of the impending doom,
Jump high and reach the moon.
With music, dance, screams, and shouts
Tell the World we are proud.
Do everything that makes you smile.
If this is the last of us
Let’s go out in style.

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