That one day my pen will run out of ink1 min read

 I know,

That one day my pen will run out of ink,

To fill pages with poems of love and heartbreak.

That one day my eyes will run of tears,

To wet pillows in your absence.

That I will run of breaths,

Each one that I take with your name in it.


That we are just a speck in the Universe,

And one day we will cease to exist.

That one day the hydrogen in the sun’s core

Will run out and it will stop shining,

And swallow the earth with itself.

That everything we have ever known,

Will be turned in to nothing but dust.

That the tattoo on my back says,

“This too shall pass”

Because, nothing is here to stay,

Is it?

And yet,

If there was just one thing

I could ask for

Just one,

I know,

I would say

“I want you to stay.”


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