Story on the sky1 min read

Penned by the brightest stars,
With star dust and light,
Gaseous clouds of heavenly bodies,
With a twinkle so divine.

Her sentences; Fluffy cotton candy clouds,
With dust and ice,
Blowing and flowing with the wind,
Not wanting to stay captive inside.

Words were like specs of dust,
Which shone golden in sunlight,
Glittering and glimmering,
The were like tiny stars stuck in rays of light.

They would hit you,
Like soft soft summer breeze,
Or destroy you like a hurricane,
Whipping and unearthing trees.

Like birds they flew,
Like clouds they flowed,
Like stars they glimmered,
And like gravity they’d hit you.

Her story encapsulated her essence,
Like the sky encapsulates the Earth,
She was a mixture of stars, clouds, dust and air,
Her story; the sky,
Her pen; the stars,
Her sentences; the clouds,
Her words; the glittering dust,
Which would hug you like the wind or cut through you like one.

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