She fell for the wrong guy1 min read

While her heart longed for love,
His intentions were filled with lust.
All those initial promises and sweet nothings
He used to fill her with fake trust.

She refused what she really deserved,
Showered him with all her loyalty
Treating her like just another “pawn”,
Was just another part of his “royalty”

That one-sided love of hers
Got her dumb to his abuse.
Between immense torture and public blames,
She was forced to choose.

All of the pain that he gave her,
He played with her like a game
How could the devil ever have imagined,
The terror of the poor heart he filled with shame.

In solitude she lay and cried,
Hoping for someone to hear her call.
She tried to stand, but couldn’t,
The weight of regrets made her fall.

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