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The war

Me and you, let’s start a war

With Thousands of men on both of our sides, 

Some pedestrians, some will do the horse rides, 

Butchering all in existence, nowhere the humanity resides, 

Should someone be left to be mankind’s guide? 

Let’s take this a little far

Me and you, let’s

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Twas twilight, the darkness chasing the light away
Giving way to tranquil night with its silent glory
The rush has quietened, leaving the stillness
In the wake of bustling day, an ending of another story.

The restlessness, abiding in its nature
Broken by snippets of dreamless bliss
The blessed peace, …

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The Last of Us

An entire generation,
Of depressed beings and lost souls
Uncertainty looming overhead
Hopeless about future goals.
What went wrong?

A generation most talked about,
Now silent with heads screaming loud.
Romanticizing sadness and chasing love
Lonely and apathetic, all of us.
What happened to us? Why are we sad?

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We are the travelers

We are the travelers

With the dreams and hopes in our luggage

But doomed to carry some extra baggage;

We are the inhabitants of nowhere land

With the compass of emotions in one hand

And maps of unknown destinations in another;

We are destined to cross some stubborn boundaries

By …

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Vigils With the dawn


With the dawn,

Serenaded by your dreams,

The sky torn,

Bleeding the lenore rays of Lord Apollo,

Blessing our bare bodies,

The bodies of lorn lovers from Rome.


My eyes blinded by the reflection of French glass windows,

I witnessed your wrinkled, glistened face,

Telling me stories of

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