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The life of a Woman

A girl child is born, 

And a women blamed,

How could  the birth of a  girl,

Bring the family,the required fame.

Daughters bring along responsibility 

They say, as it is the custom of the society!


She is trained and brought up to meet the expectations of the worldly satire,

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I don’t remember my Nani. 

My memory is sketched by my mother’s retelling, 

a woman carrying infinite love for mangoes, 

my mother and knitting in her kind blue eyes, and 

who always kissed me on the hands. 

Discovering her saree in almirah was rainfall in summers,

and I

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Happy and beautiful she was,
But the terrible cause
Made her pathetic and sad
Wasn’t that bad?

Why in shame was she embraced?
Why by people was she disgraced?
Was being a woman her fault?
What was the cause of her freedom’s halt?

With tears she pleaded,
With pain she …

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She fell for the wrong guy

While her heart longed for love,
His intentions were filled with lust.
All those initial promises and sweet nothings
He used to fill her with fake trust.

She refused what she really deserved,
Showered him with all her loyalty
Treating her like just another “pawn”,
Was just another part of …

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The earth

Not quite a trend to follow
But this makes my heart hollow
The earth, the ecosystem, the nature bleeds
Wildlife weeps and
Sky smirks in agony,
What’s next now that we are in sorrow?
Some thousands trees would be cut instead of trillions?
Hundreds will get hunt instead of millions?…

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Star-crossed Nine

Mom left me even before I could open my eyes, exactly nine minutes before the clock struck nine. Universe funnily conspired against me, exactly ennead years later- Dad decided to kick the bucket too.

Who said money had all cures, the most terrible poverty is loneliness as an orphan.

This …

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Story on the sky

Penned by the brightest stars,
With star dust and light,
Gaseous clouds of heavenly bodies,
With a twinkle so divine.

Her sentences; Fluffy cotton candy clouds,
With dust and ice,
Blowing and flowing with the wind,
Not wanting to stay captive inside.

Words were like specs of dust,
Which shone …

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Each time a heartbreak hits you,
It is not always cloud bursts and downpour
Over the summit of a mountain row,
Landslides racing down
To collide with your skull
And break your bones at one go,
Or the sudden volcanic lava syrup
On boiling mountains of wrath
Erupting to burn …

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Waiting for 2023

Life goes through the different pathways

Counting each day as it goes.. 

Longing for the beautiful memories of the past where

Days just went by like a breeze of fresh air

Where is the fresh breeze? 

The calmness of the sea…. 

The chirping of the birds…. 

Yoga with my gals…. …

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Three years and twenty days ago,

Under the endless orange sky,

We hold hands for the one last time –

Grasping our petrified skin, you and I. 

We caress the decay and water it, 

Until, with barrels and guns of pride,

You and I call for war on each other,…

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Who am I

Who am I? 

Am I the element air, 

Rustling through the meadow, 

Breezing through the sea, 

Rushing through the forest, 

Or flowing by the City, 

Who am I? 

Am I the element fire, 

Burning through the city

Or the firey eyes full of passion, 

maybe a blazing sky, 

Or maybe …

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Late night runs with a cigarette in hand,

Rum downed and crazy dance, 

Smashed screens and manic laughs, 

A busted Audi and a smashed window screen, 

He yelled while she screamed. 

Anger bubbling inside the two, 

She choose violence while he choose peace, 

His peace was toxic,

It killed her …

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