One by one letting go of people you adore1 min read

One by one letting go of people you adore

Just to see no one left anymore

Letting go because you think its love

Love, when you let go

Yet they find a way back home

If not, then they weren’t yours

If that soothes your soul. 



Letting go when it hurts

Letting go when things get tough

Slowly you let go of everyone you’ve known

Letting go for the signs say so

Letting go until it hurts no more

Like a custom that has sunk deep down

That you let go even without a frown 


Maybe someday you’ll stop 

And look back just to realise

The fool you’ve been all this while

Letting go without putting up a fight

Nothing but just a coward in disguise

For once put a stop to the chronic quirk

Hold on to that last string and endeavour

Spew your guts, take your shot

Might be worth, might be not. 

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