Once upon a time among the dusty2 min read

Once upon a time,

among the dusty

recesses of my mind,

lived a silent desire.

It hid within itself

the seeds of change

and glowing wings of

imagination and faith.

It tapped at my soul

night and day.

The hunter finally

caught its prey.

The desire bloomed

into a full blown dream.

Entangled in its web,

I watched it gleam.

From shadows of the night,

I brought it into light.

Told everyone I loved

in rapture and delight.

Nightmares then came,

people with their doubts.

Could I survive this?

Wasn’t I just a tiny sprout?

Some called me foolish,

others called me vain.

They said it was unrealistic

and can never be attained.

The fear of failure stared,

I tried to hold fast.

But my courage stumbled

as wobbly was my mast.

I gave up my efforts one day

and asked my dream to leave.

Said this was impossible and

I was foolish to believe.

But it refused to go,

became a gnawing pain.

A large hopeful tree with

roots running deep in my brain.

I finally saw the truth

when I looked into the mirror.

I was the only hurdle,

everyone else had disappeared.

The frustrations and limitations

were all in my mind.

As my vision became clear,

erased were the lies.

I knew I had to chase this

no matter how crazy it looked.

I was the dream,

the dream was me


I was permanently hooked.

I set out on the adventure

with hope and belief packed.

Boldness and discipline decided

to join my gunny sack.

The terrain is slippery as I trudge,

forever ready to take me down.

But I am living my bliss today

blind to all these letdowns.

I am proud of me

and who I have become.

This is the dream

I never want to wake up from.


I would rather die

having sincerely tried

than quit this world

with my dream still inside.

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