Mental Health Retreat

L’utopia would like to host a mental health retreat once the lockdown is over and things are a bit calmer. The whole retreat will be an event held by L’utopia and the money received will go into covering the bills for everything from stay, food to paying the professionals hired.

The retreat would be maximum 5 days long and would consist of activities and sessions throughout the day with relaxed evenings for all to enjoy.

The retreat will include group therapy, one on one therapy and psychiatric help. We will also include yoga therapy covering therapeutic modalities, incorporating elements from both physical as well as psychotherapy.

We wanted to do a mental health retreat as it will provide the participants an opportunity to take a small break from their busy life in order to be able to focus on themselves and their wellness. In today’s world our lives are so hectic that at times we overlook our own well-being and disregard our mental health. We want this retreat to help people get in touch with themselves and try to better themselves. We all need to focus on ourselves especially after this lockdown when mental health problems were at peak. Also we want people to get comfortable talking about mental health and embrace it.

Mental Health Articles by L’utopia

How can antidepressants affect your life?

If your illness is being treated, taking an antidepressant may be a part of your treatment plan. Antidepressants work by balancing the chemicals in your brain which are called neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. Taking these medications can help in improving your mood, sleeping better and can also affect your appetite and concentration.  If you are taking antidepressants then…
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Therapy motivation

Causes of depression are still being discovered, some people get this disease due to difficult conditions of life, and some without any solid reason. Still no solid physical test is available to detect depression. When you care about someone, it is very difficult to see them struggling with their mental state. And even more so when you know that they…
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What’s FOMO?

FOMO is an acronym which stands for the expression Fear of Missing Out. It is an anxious feeling you get when you feel other people might be having a good time without you. Majority of the youngsters these days face such kinds of problems. It was also officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. It is certainly a…
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Why India is the most depressed country in the world?

India is the world’s most depressed country and we don’t talk about it as much as we talk about other diseases, but you’ll be shocked to know that 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression. Depression and bad mental health have been ignored as a serious issue since ages. Mental health is as important as physical health but sadly…
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Anxiety feels different for everyone. Its symptoms can last for a long time, or come and go. Anxiety is tough, not just for the people that have it but also for those who are stuck with them. It is understandably confusing at times. So, here are some things for you to remember when being with someone with anxiety.  No one…
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