Life has changed so much.2 min read

Drowned by work and my job is a pain.

Suddenly my inner voice gives me a nudge,

And I walk down memory lane…


I remember the creaky iron gate,

And its extraordinary sound.

Forty years ago,

I used to play in the nearby playground.


I remember the huge banyan tree,

Which I used to climb.

With sorrow or glee,

Or when I needed “me” time.


I remember that lazy rabbit,

Who couldn’t make a burrow.

It would hop to our house for a tidbit,

And leave to come back tomorrow.


I remember the old gardener,

Who used to live in a hut.

I used to play with his daughter,

And absolutely adored his pet mutt.


I remember the smell of the rain-fed earth.

The scent was intoxicating.

The kids were euphoric with mirth!

And we would all go paper- boating.


I remember the riyaz sessions

Of my mother, uncle and granny.

Melodious voices rang through

Every nook and cranny.

Songs about love, happiness and depression,

And life’s other obsessions.


I remember the huge top floor rooms

Where there were many scary paintings.

My imagination ran wild.

Maybe there were hidden tombs

Of ancient queens and kings?


Durga Puja would be a big affair…

Visits from family and friends.

With the big pandal and the merry fair

The fun would never end.


Alas, my parents, uncles and aunts moved out,

Leaving behind their childhood memories.

They went north, we went south,

And made new life stories.


Stress increased.

Happiness became rare.

Family meetings decreased.

To me, life just wasn’t fair.


I studied hard.

Went out of the country.

Slowly my childhood disappeared,

And left me no history.


My childhood days are long gone,

Money and success made me vain.

But once in a blue moon,

I walk down memory lane…

-Pragyaa Munshi

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