INSOMNIA1 min read

Twas twilight, the darkness chasing the light away
Giving way to tranquil night with its silent glory
The rush has quietened, leaving the stillness
In the wake of bustling day, an ending of another story.

The restlessness, abiding in its nature
Broken by snippets of dreamless bliss
The blessed peace, the restful sleep slipping
From my grasping hands, further into the dark abyss.

I give up on that futile endeavour and look about
The glowing digits, red and angry say it’s late, very late
And yet, my mind is stirring like the ocean that’s never still
And I am undeniably, unequivocally awake, very much awake.

An escape, a relief, offered by the turning pages tempts,
Lures me in the realm of magic and thrilling wonder
Those friends, as such, offer a decided distraction
They come alive on the paper leaving much to ponder.

In the night’s splendour, I realise, it’s not so bad.
The restlessness recedes steady but slow
Leaving me enthralled with the story, embarking on an adventure
Armed with nothing, but my trusty cup of Joe.

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