Innocence is a language by itself1 min read

Innocence is a language by itself,

Not in reach of comprehension.

Observe her act and you will fall in love,

A kind heart filled with compassion.

The lass’ innocence cannot be measured,

She communicates through her silent actions.


Misunderstood always, but

Her gestures so thoughtful inspite of repercussions.

Who will understand her silence?

A mother’s worry; a father’s fret.

A small mistake and fingers turn,

To a child with little to yearn yet.

This too shall pass,

And tables will turn.

She will out shine,

And still smile in return.

Pride will gleam on her parents profile

as she exudes her sweet radiance

Not everyone will understand though

what were the gradiants

She will address crowds

And will no longer be silent

She will make clear judgements

Never being ambivalent

Life has ways to give us back

Not always it’s a sad end

For she is a fighter with spirit

She will make destiny to bend.

Yet innocence still prevail

Compassion still linger

You need a hea

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