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Europe is a beloved continent that’s home to insanely gorgeous destinations. It’s a prodigious continent to explore , with lots of smaller haunts that don’t seek much attention as Paris, London or Rome. I mean, its awash with lots of hidden places in Europe.
For those of you who like to travel off the beaten path and want to luxuriate their holidays away from the hustle bustle of the cities, then this article is assuredly for you. So let’s discover the undiscovered!

1) CHEDIGNY, FRANCE- It is a small town with a population of only about 500 residents in Loire Valley of France. When you visit the town you might feel as if you’ve stepped onto the set of a Disney movie because Chedigny is so beautiful that it hardly seem real. Back in 1998 the mayor of Chedigny decided to plant 700 rosebushes. The idea caught on, and the townspeople began to plant roses of different types. Today there are so many roses planted that this town became the only town in France which has been certified with the label of ” Jardin Remarquable” ( remarkable garden).
• How to reach- Fly directly to Paris and from there drive 3km by car.
• Famous food/ fests- FOOD-Cassoulet, Oeufs en meurette( poached eggs), Burgundy ( wine). FEST-Rose festival.

• Attractions- Les Aux Roses ( restaurant), Chateau du Breull, Chateau d’ Amboise.
2) OSTUNI, ITALY- One of Italy’s finest gem, a pleasant town with a historic centre that seems as though it has sprung straight out of the pages of a story book. Ostuni is often called as Italy’s White City for a good reason. The Old Town is dazzling white and its stunning architecture makes someone feel as though they’re walking around a Greek Island. Apart from all these, this town , is in fact built atop a hill surrounded by centuries old olive groves and wine yards.
• How to reach- Fly straight to Brindisi or Bari. Brindisi is the nearest airport located at only 35km from Ostuni.
• Famous food/fests-FOOD- Cavatelli Pasta, Focaccia with onions, Panzerotti. FEST- Concerti estivi, Sant ‘ Oronzo.
• Attractions-Centro Storico, Piazzetta Cattedrale, Piazza della Liberta.

3) PERAST, MONTENEGRO- Just north of Kotor, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, lies a small coastal village called Perast. Between the 15th and 18th centuries , Perast was strategic port between the Ottoman Empire and Venetian Republic. With 16 Churches in total, Perast probably has most churches per capita in the world. The town is also surrounded by scenic mountains, which watch over the bay below. It’s no wonder that Perast is one of the most underrated cities to visit in Europe.
• How to reach-Perast is reachable by bus or car from Kotor in a 15-30 minutes drive.
• Famous food/fests- FOOD-Buzara, Cevapi, Burek. FESTS- Fascinada, Sea dance festival.
• Attractions-Our Lady of the Rocks, St. Nikola Church, Adriatic Sea.
4) NAXOS, GREECE- Most of us think of Santorini when we think of a Greek Island to visit; however there are over 200 other inhabited Greek islands to explore. One such island is the Naxos island, making it hands down one of the best hidden secret in Europe. It is a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. Wondering the Old Town areas of Naxos( also known as Chora) allows you to experience the history and culture of the city.
• How to reach- Take a flight to Athens and then use a domestic flight directly to Naxos. One can also fly to Paros, Santorini or Mykoons and then take a short ferry.
• Famous food/fests- FOOD-Melachrino, Dionysus ( God of wine). FESTS-Dionysia festival, Naxos summer fest, Rakee Distillery Festival.
• Attractions-Zas Mountains, St. George beach, Kastro.

5) TALLINN, ESTONIA- If you’re looking for a city break that offers amazing gastronomy, plenty of history and comfort, then look for this delightful European hidden gem. Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and the entire town has even been accorded a UNESCO Heritage Status; yet it remains one of the most unexplored places in Europe. With many mainstream malls, handmade fairs and artisans shop, the shopping experience is very well varied.
• How to reach-There are several ferries which go each day from Helsinki to Tallinn and may take 2-4 hours. One can also avail the bus services from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia to reach there.

• Famous food/fests- FOOD-Rye Bread, potatoes, beer. FESTS- Tallinn Black Night Film Festival.
• Attractions- Tallinn T.V. Tower, Toom pea Castle, Kadriorg Park.
The abundance of choices is overwhelming and many shrouded places like these remains untouched and travers, because they stay in the shadows of much more known tourist hot spots.
So are you ready for an adventure? These magnificent sequestered places in Europe are waiting for you!

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