Doorways2 min read

Each time a heartbreak hits you,
It is not always cloud bursts and downpour
Over the summit of a mountain row,
Landslides racing down
To collide with your skull
And break your bones at one go,
Or the sudden volcanic lava syrup
On boiling mountains of wrath
Erupting to burn your skin
And engulf everything on its path.
Sometimes, it is as subtle and eerie
As the incessant noise of tiny fireflies
In the nooks and crannies
Of the mountains while the night dies,
And often, it is the mountain range itself
With its golden silence and haunting stillness,
Yet so humongous and so very existent.

But for every heartbreak that you meet,
You must know,
There is a child watching lilacs bloom
And the cluster of lights
Which on the distant hills glow,
A child kissing his kindergarten love
Behind a rhododendron tree,
A child soaking in lukewarm water in winter
With twinkling eyes full of glee.
Because, you see,
Kids are happy just because they are,
Their joy rushes wild, free and pure,
Unlike adults for whom happiness
Is either escapism with a deep sigh,
Or victory in a daily war.

Each time a heartbreak hits you,
It does not always break you bit by bit.
Sometimes, it seeps into your body
And turns into a giant shark,
Taking sudden deeper dives
For the gust of grief to arise and lurk,
Or merely floating around
Like a lump in your gut, chest and throat
And finally swallows you whole
After biting, shaking, ripping you apart.

But for every heartbreak that you meet,
There is petrichor lingering
In the wet earth beneath your bare feet,
And the gentle nocturnal breeze
Brushing against your marshmallow skin,
There are misty dawns, cold rainy nights,
Love letters sent to wrong addresses,
Lazy afternoon naps
And purple thunder lights,
There is the smell of old books
With yellow tint in their pages,
White warm mattresses
After sore and weary days,
Longer showers, sunset by brooks,
And blue birds flying out of their cages.

And, there is love, so much of love,
Known and unknown, old and new,
Overflowing and ethereal,
Tranquil and soft,
Still left for you, and only for you.

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