Close your eyes, I’ll be watching you, Sleep my old friend, I’m here for you.1 min read

You can feel someone grabbing by,
Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to die.

You will see things in your dream,
It’s just, I wish to hear your scream.

Though I don’t mean you any harm,
I’ll just show you my little human farm.



You don’t have to worry as we are not yet bound,
Just watch your step for my soul reaping hound.

I plough this farm with all my might ,
Just to see people like you suffer in plight.

You can leave it whenever you wish,
It takes me no time to prepare a dish.

All I have to do is crawl on your bed,
And you’ll again be my sleeping pet.

Tell noone and everything will be fine,
You’ll be the last one whom we dine.

Beware of the consequences, if any word is spoken,
Your connect from the world will first be broken.

You’ll endlessly face the terror every night,
No one will know the reason of your fright!!

Just sleep on time and meet me daily,
That’s how I know everything is done fairly.

You are the tastiest meal as I reckon,
I don’t want you to ever feel threaten !

I have been feeding on your fears and guilt for years,
No one can be compared to you when you’re in tears.

I know you have been feeling good lately,
But you can’t leave me this abruptly.

That’s what I’m here to remind you my dear old friend,
I’ll always make sure our partnership doesn’t ever end.


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