Burnt Cherries1 min read

Soft whispers instead of angry glares,

Love in those eyes even though they’re hurting,

Caring Caresses instead of vulgar grasps,

Forehead kisses instead of slamming down on lips,

Although it wasn’t love at first sight,

It was love that was unexpected.

They met surrounded by strangers,

It ended with them in bed with cigarette smells,

She loved him times infinity,

He wanted them to be endgame,

As crazy and different as their reasons to love was, 

There was still a common motive,

Those are the reasons two hearts are still intertwined even though their eyes don’t meet anymore..¬†

She didn’t feel even when she was under someone,

Her eyes were open,

Her mind somewhere else,

Memos of past surrounded her with his smell,

Putting her back in past’s cell,

It’s not what she regrets¬†

But when she shouldn’t have rebelled,

She knows she cannot be affectionate again,

Tattered bodies along with chapped lips are most love stories retained,

But she hopes too that a new man takes her heart away again.

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