About Us

Rooting to render the world a perfect commix of disparate content, L’utopia aspires to cater to themed matters as well as bring to light the writers from every fringe of the society. We are a community of writers and artists who believe, art can be confined within no wall and no rim. Blending information and issues, feelings and facts with buoyant creativity, our website is here to give its readers a greater insight of the world and a broader idea to transcend their life, both as a reader and a writer.

Striving to become the first Indian originated international magazine and give L’utopia a deserving stature in the map and history of magazines in India; L’utopia is a submissions based platform focused on promoting the next generation of creatives.

Our website is safe place for budding writers with unique styles and brilliant ideas. We aim to create a space for aspiring writers and an utopian dream with a mélange of great classics and pure, raw and creative content fulfilling desires of writers and readers alike with the prosperity of words. We aspire to inform the masses about the happenings of the globe and to empower readers to explore the world of words and diverse writing alongside gaining worldly knowledge.